Message From the Chairman Phil Thigpen

This year we must go all out to preserve our gains and to break new ground!

The efforts we make today are grounded in the belief that they will make the lives of our children better. This moment we have to create a climate that will result in the re-election of President Obama and continues on to the election of a Democrat in Trenton.

In the coming days this effort will continue with increasing passion and commitment. As a former Speaker of the House said, all politics begin at home, and so we look to join you in this effort.

We have so much to be proud of, but there is more to be done. With your help, ew can achieve new gains. So I ask that you join with us, together we can ensure that we have a party that responds to your concerns about access to healthcare, college opportunities for those who have lost all hope. Let us hope that all who want to work will return to work soon. 

As the campaign season approaches, it became increasingly important to focus on party unity and to refocus on some of the fundementals necessary to succeed in the coming months. In order to preserve a Democratic Majority in Essex County we need your resouces and your energy. Let us hear from you!


Phil Thigpen
Essex County Democratic Committee

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